March Bison leads the way at Daktronics Open

BROOKINGS, SD — The North Dakota state wrestling team sent a small group to the Daktronics Open in South Dakota state on Sunday Kelly March groundbreaking for the bison.

The Bison competed with wrestlers in six weight classes and finished with six place finishers, led by March, who placed second overall at 149 pounds. March defeated Northern Iowa’s Cael Rahnavardi 8-6 to start his day before advancing to the semifinals with a win Max Petersen 10-4 March then made it to the finals by defeating Minnesota’s Marcos Polanco 7-4 before losing 8-5 to No. 15 Colin Realbuto of North Iowa in the finals.

Gavin Drexler was one of three Bison to reach the third-place game that day, and the 141-pounder would finish third overall after a 5-1 win that day. Drexler started with a 5-2 win over Iowa State’s Corey Cabanan before failing with a pin against South Dakota’s Caleb Gross. Drexler then picked up a tech fall win over Northern State’s Trevor Reinke, a 12-0 major decision over Northern Iowa’s Connor Thorpe and a 9-0 major decision Walker Bents the game for third place. Drexler then returned the favor for the early defeat against Gross with a 3:1 win for third place.

Riley Habisch and Brendan Howes the other two Bisons would advance to the third place game and finish fourth overall in their weight classes. Howes dropped to #26 Tanner Cook to open the 165-pound bracket. He then reeled off three straight wins, including two key decisions to reach the game for third place, before falling a second time.

Habisch would start with a win in the 174-pound bracket but alternate wins by decision to finish 2-2.

Land Johnson (157) and Walker Bents (141) would also make way for the bison, taking fifth and sixth place respectively.

North Dakota State returns to action on December 9 with a doubles game against Minnesota. Doubles is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Scheels Center.

Complete NDSU results by weight and finish.

Ryan Henningson | 125 | 0-2

L to Corey Cabanban (Iowa State); MD 15-6
L to Bailey Roybal (State of South Dakota); 9th-4th December

Gavin Drexler | 141 | 3approx | 5-1

W over Corey Cabanban (Iowa State); 5th-2nd December
L to Caleb Gross (state of South Dakota); Autumn 6:28
W via Trevor Reinke (Northern State); TF 17-0 5:58
W over Connor Thorpe (northern Iowa); MD 12-0
W over Walker Bents (State of North Dakota); MD 9-0
W over Caleb Gross (state of South Dakota); 3rd-1st December

Walker Bents | 141 | 6th | 2-3

W via Trevor Reinke (Northern State); TF 18-0 2:43
W via Theo Cha (Minnesota); December 6th and 5th
L to No. 5 Clay Carlson (State of South Dakota); MD 16-2
L to Gavin Drexler (State of North Dakota); MD 9-0
L to Theo Cha (Minnesota); 3rd-1st December

Kelly March | 149 | 2nd | 3-1

W over Cael Rahnavardi (northern Iowa); 8th-6th December
W over Max Petersen (State of North Dakota); 10th-4th December
W via Marcos Polanco (Minnesota); 7th-4th December
L to No. 15 Colin Realbuto (Northern Iowa); 8th-5th December

Max Petersen | 149 | 2-2

W over Ben Lunn (Minnesota); Fall 5:43
L to Kelly March (State of North Dakota); 10th-4th December
W via Drayden Morton (Unbound); 7th-5th December
L to Cameron Robinson (state of Iowa); 4-0 December

Loam Radenz | 149 | 1-2

L to Drew Roberts (Minnesota); 8th-3rd December
W over Andrew Flora (state of Iowa); Autumn 0:49
L to Cameron Robinson (state of Iowa); MD 11-3

Michael Weber | 149 | 0-2

L to No. 15 Colin Realbuto (Northern Iowa); 3rd-1st December
L to Drayden Morton (unbound); MFF

Pedro Velazquez | 149 | 0-2

L to Cameron Robinson (state of Iowa); Autumn 0:59
L to Adam Allard (Northern Iowa); TF16-0

Land Johnson | 157 | 5th | 3-2

L to Evan Yant (Northern Iowa); Autumn 1:31
W via Ryan Dolezal (state of South Dakota); Fall 3:37
W over Mason Gode (State of North Dakota); 4th-1st December
L to Cooper Voorhees (Wyoming); 6th-3rd December
W over Andrew Huddleston (state of Iowa); Autumn 1:01

Mason Gode | 157 | 1-2

L to Dajun Johnson (Northern Iowa); 9th-7th December
W over Cael Swensen (state of South Dakota); MFF
L to Land Johnson (State of North Dakota); 4th-1st December

Brendan Howes | 165 | 4th | 3-2

L to #26 Tanner Cook (State of South Dakota); Autumn 0:21
W over Connor Gaynor (state of South Dakota); MFF 1:05 (6-2)
W over Spencer Roth (Northern State); MD 16-7
W over Jack Thomsen (state of South Dakota); MD 16-3
L to Grant Stotts (State of Iowa); 3rd-1st December

Riley Habisch | 174 | 4th | 2-2

W via Devin Wasley (Minnesota); 6th-2nd December
L to Joel Devine (State of Iowa); 4-0 December
W over Carson Babcock (northern Iowa); 6-0 December
L to Manny Rojas (State of Iowa); December 6th and 5th

Mannix Morgan | 174 | 1-2

L to Brock Fettig (state of South Dakota); 6th-3rd December
W via Wayne Mellon (Minnesota St. Moorhead); 7th-3rd December
L to Devin Wasley (Minnesota); TF 15-0 5:41