Colorado vs Boise State Prediction, Odds

The Colorado Buffaloes take on the Boise State Broncos. Check out our college basketball odds series for our Colorado Boise State prediction and picks.

The Colorado Buffaloes are quite simply the craziest, most unpredictable varsity basketball team to have played two weeks in the country. Do you doubt us? Do you think that’s a crazy and premature statement to make this so early in the season?

Let’s lay out the details.

Colorado lost to Grambling in the Pac-12/SWAC Legacy Series, an absolutely horrible loss that no one expected. Then the Buffaloes turned around and not only beat the Tennessee Volunteers — SEC Tournament champions last season and No. 3 in the 2022 NCAA Tournament — they beat them by a wide margin. They won in Nashville and did pretty much anything they wanted against Rick Barnes’ shocked Vols.

Colorado then lost to UMass, a team that has done absolutely nothing worth mentioning in recent seasons. The Buffaloes were expected to win this game. But after suffering another horrible loss, they immediately bounced back and beat Texas A&M, a team that began national rankings last week and should be an NCAA tournament-caliber team this season. Colorado coach Tad Boyle is a very good coach. He’s obviously managed to catch the attention of his players and regroup after losses, but Colorado’s dreadful losses raise questions about how good this roster really is.

The Boise State Broncos had gone several years without participating in an NCAA tournament prior to last season. They bounced back and made the Big Dance 2022 because they were a great late-game defensive team. Late that season, Boise State lost to South Dakota State and failed to follow through. The Broncos also lost a total clunker to Charlotte, 54-42, in which they scored just 11 points in the first half and weren’t seriously competitive on the track. It was a bumpy start to the season for head coach Leon Rice. Given that Colorado has already beaten Tennessee and Texas A&M, Boise State could really use a win over the Buffaloes to boost its resume.

Courtesy of FanDuelhere are the state of Colorado-Boise College Basketball Odds.

College Basketball Odds: Colorado-Boise State Odds

Colorado buffalo: -2.5 (-104)

Boise State Broncos: +2.5 (-118)

Above: 139.5 (-110)

Below: 139.5 (-110)

Why Colorado could cover the spread

The Buffs are a volatile team, but they’ve shown they can beat high-end opponents like Tennessee. We can debate how good the Texas A&M win is, but the Tennessee win will almost certainly remain a quality win that will help the buffs in March if they are at or near the bubble. Colorado’s resilience has already been tested this season, and the Buffs have passed the tests presented to them. You have to be confident about taking on Boise State, especially on the defensive end. Seeing Boise State just 42 points against Charlotte should tell Colorado that it should be able to dictate the conditions in which this game is played.


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Why Boise State Might Cover the Spread

The Broncos know that while Good Colorado comes up sometimes, Bad Colorado can come up just as easily. If Bad Colorado replaces Good Colorado, the Broncos should be fine in this contest.

Definitive prediction and selection for the state of Colorado-Boise

The fact that Colorado has won and lost some surprising games (judging by the point distribution of favorites and underdogs) should make you steer clear of this game. If you insist on a choice, take Colorado.

Colorado-Boise State final prediction and selection: Colorado -2.5