WEEKLY REVIEW: SC Teacher Opportunities at Record High

Teacher vacancies are getting worse and worse in South Carolina. They are up 39% year over year at the start of the 2022-23 school year, according to a new report from the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement. School districts missed nearly 1,500 teachers on their target, the report said.

According to a summary of the report, vacancies for teachers have deteriorated – although there were fewer teaching positions this year. The study showed that there were 1,474 job openings this school year, compared to 1,063 the year before.

Also, one in seven educators did not return to a teaching or service position in the same SC school district as they did last year — a reflection of how districts struggle to keep experienced educators in place and constantly have to hire new ones.

In other breaking news:

Republicans win narrow majority in US House of Representatives. The Republicans officially won 218 seats in the House of Representatives after a week of vote counting. The chamber is now transitioning from Democratic control to GOP control, but the margin is much tighter than predicted before the election.