The Show – November 21, 2022

Today is Monday November 21st, 2022. It’s another Victory Monday on The Show.

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Today’s question is from Cameron…

I had a great time on game Saturday. What a night! Where has that offense been all season and what have they done to make it happen? i love the show – Cameron


As far as I know, head coach Shane Beamer and his staff decided to circle the wagons, reinforce positively, scale back some things and use more window dressing than actual other games and staff packs and simply put they instilled a nothing to lose attitude throughout the team and we saw what happened.

This offense has always had playmakers. This offense has always had talent. I think we’ve seen what can happen when it clicks on all cylinders and they’re all on the same page. Doing things like putting the ball down Antwan Wells makes the offense go. And that’s when Carolina missed his two best running backs. The players also made few mistakes and played extremely hard. It’s something Tennessee has done in almost every game this season. The Vols play fast, but they also play hard. Carolina had to at least keep up and they did that and more.

Finally, I think something needs to be said for faith in this sport. Neither of us thought Carolina stood a chance, but the people in the football building did. That starts at the top. I also think this season could be the start of some kind of trend towards the Williams Brice Stadium at night. It’s not LSU by night yet, but this year’s results under the lights were something special. This was also presented to a national television audience on Saturday. So that feeling of conviction was carried from the dressing room onto the pitch and spread throughout the stadium from very early on Saturday.- JC


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