The Kentucky Wildcats recap the win over South Carolina State

The Kentucky Wildcats earned a bounceback win over South Carolina State on Thursday, winning 106-63.

The story of the night was how many payers are participating as all 11 grantees scored 6+. Me and other media spoke to three players after the game.

Post-game interviews included Lance Ware, who had a career-high 12 points. Also included was CJ Fredrick, who led the team with 17 goals.

lance goods

Chris Livingston

CJ Frederick

And here are the post-game transcripts via UK Athletics.

No. 1, CJ Fredrick, guard

How the game can change by opening up offense…

“It changes everything. It opens everything up for our guards if they drive and miss layups. It really opens the ground, opens up the game and puts pressure on the other team.”

How it felt to play with different teammates as they all played less than 25 minutes on the pitch…

“It was fantastic. The coach said going in, getting a lot of guys in and giving a lot of guys opportunities would be a focus. Obviously it helps a lot of people too because we have another quick turnaround, we have a four and a half hour flight to Spokane to prepare us to play against a really, really good team. It was just fun playing with different line-ups and playing with Oscar (Tshiebwe).”

On the importance of seeing the shoots get into the basket when big game is approaching…

“I like to think of myself as a good shooter. My job is to take shots and I didn’t take any shots on Tuesday. I wish I could have taken more shots of course, but you have to deal with that. That’s how it is as a Sagittarius, you won’t make them all. You have to trust yourself and trust your teammates.”

#55, Lance Ware, onward

On the mood of the team after State of Michigan Game and how they approached training…

“I mean, we didn’t really have a full practice – it was kind of a run-through situation, but we kind of had a bad taste in our mouths. Some of the stuff we’ve made we kind of gave away to the game. You know – there’s not much you can do after the game is over except watch a movie and get better. Yesterday was a big movie day – we watched movies, looked through some of the mistakes we made and fixed those things.”

On Coach Cal proposing to use the mentality that they beat Michigan State…

“Yeah, man, it’s over. You know some people say we lost [or] we gave away the game – but something different [we] can’t go back and rewind time. Just learn from our mistakes we made. I think that was the greatest thing between everyone on the team – 1 to 15, just learning from our mistakes and what we did.”

About changes made when he comes off the bench…

“It’s different because I can usually see the game being played when I come off the bench. It’s kind of physical – when you start, you’re just thrown into the fire. You just have to adapt and run…it’s fun either way.”

#44, Chris Livingston, F

That I was able to get back on my feet after losing to Michigan State at the Rupp Arena…

“I think it was very important, just for the morale of the teams. We had to come back, especially after such a disappointing defeat. And we owed it to the fans too, so I think it was really good.”

How important the versatility of his game is…

“It’s very important. I think that’s one of the reasons why I came here. I can fit into a lot of different line-ups with a lot of different people. My teammates and I can just get together and work together. As I can slide around in different positions , we can really show our depth as a team, so I think that’s good.”

How they plan to balance Gonzaga’s high energy after their loss to Texas…

“If any top team suffers a loss like this, they will bounce back. They will come with power and they will come with struggle. You won’t just lie down. So we just have to come out, understand who we are, how to play against ourselves, face the competition and play at the level that Gonzaga will play at, because they’re definitely going to come out, high energy, locked in and ready to play. So we have to do that too.”