Spencer Rattler opens up about South Carolina’s soured hopes against Tennessee

South Carolina goes into Saturday’s game with a chance to pull off a big upset against No. 5 Tennessee. And to do that, the Gamecocks will likely need a huge effort from the quarterback Spencer Rattler. Rattler completed 65.2% of his passes for 1,968 yards and eight touchdowns with nine interceptions this year after moving to South Carolina from Oklahoma. But he’s thrown just one interception in South Carolina’s last four games and has seen his completion percentage surge in the last three games.

“We really just have to do our job,” Rattler said in an interview with SEC Nation Tim Tebow. “That’s what it comes down to, just sticking to our basics. We know it’s going to be a crazy environment with our fans in there. Hopefully that helps us a bit, but we have to come out, start fast and finish faster.”

Tebow also asked Rattler what he needed to do individually to collect the Gamecocks.

“Just have a lot of energy, you know, just like you used to,” Rattler said. “Just have a lot of energy, have that swag, have that confidence and do those games when they’re there.”

After the segment, Tebow was asked how he thought Rattler handled the expectations.

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“I think he did really well. I’m not talking about on the field. I’m speaking from off the field,” Tebow said. “You listen to how many coaches and players talk about him, that he’s a really good teammate, that he’s humble, that he’s down to earth. This is someone who was on a huge TV show during his senior year of high school. He’s someone who got a lot of hype early on in Oklahoma and then had a lot of success with it. And then had a very public bench press in front of the whole world, right? That’s hard to endure. You’re 18 years old and you go through… you’re one of the more popular athletes out there and then you get benched and everyone’s like, ‘What happened?’ It’s really hard to get through. I think he handled it with a lot of grace and humility. And I don’t think everyone always realizes that or talks about it. They’re just going to say, ‘Oh, he made the switch,’ right?’ They talk more about it Lincoln Riley as they do like Spencer Rattler did, but I was really impressed with this kid.”