Potholed SC, says national study

A new study reveals what drivers in South Carolina have long known – potholes in Palmetto state are among the worst in the country.

The new QuoteWizard study found that South Carolina ranked the 14th worst pothole problem in the United States. The company, an insurer, obtained this data by tracking and analyzing search data of pothole-related complaints and repairs for each state over the past year.

The state’s high ranking might not come as a shock to many, especially considering that a 2022 report by a national group analyzing land transportation found that drivers in South Carolina earned a total of $1.7 billion per year due to deteriorating roads – including annoying pothole damage.

Yes, our streets suck

earlier this year, city ​​newspaper used a free crowdsourced app called Carbin, developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to measure the quality of Charleston’s roads and streets. The results were not good, to say the least. Charleston City Newspaper couldn’t find a good street in Charleston.