Play calling credit goes to one person

South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer made his statement very clear Sunday night when he explained that credit for offensive play-calling goes to one person, and it is the person who currently holds the title of offensive coordinator.

Markus Satterfield, the guy who’s played offense all season for the Gamecocks (7-4, 4-4), called them again in Saturday night’s 63-38 win over Tennessee. After a miserable offensive performance against Florida the week before, South Carolina had their best offensive performance in a Southeastern Conference game since 1995 a week later.

And while Satterfield takes the lion’s share of the blame when things go bad, he gets the lion’s share of the credit when things go well.

“He announced every single play last night and it’s killing me. Were those so-called people on the headphones last night,” Beamer asked at his meeting with reporters Sunday night.

“No disrespect to anyone who has watched the game, the guy is on the sidelines and all you have to do is watch the game to see him calling the plays. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. He put together the game plan along with the rest of the offensive staff and said every single play last night. I think there was an instance last night where I told him to take a shot and throw the ball in the field. Other than that he went all out last night and did a great job.”

South Carolina put on a total of 606 yards of offense, including 453 yards through the air, and hit on every drive but one through the night against the once-fifth-ranked Volunteers (9-2, 5-2). quarterback Spencer Rattler set career highs in yards (438) and touchdowns (six) on a night in which he completed 30 of his 37 passes.

Much of the offensive success, whether from the air or on the ground, came as the offensive line also put on one of its best performances of the season. Tennessee’s defensive line is a disruptive bunch, and they were able to make a few plays in the backfield with nine tackles lost, but the front line gave the offense a chance.

“The offensive line was great last night,” Beamer said. “You and we used it Nate Adkins a bit more of a pass protection role, these guys have been great because the Tennessee defensive line is extremely disruptive. Really proud of our boys and the way they played.”

South Carolina will face its second opponent in as many weeks, who are pushing to secure a bid for the College Football Playoffs. Beamer and the Gamecocks head to Clemson for the lunchtime rivalry showdown this weekend on ABC.