Naval Academy One of the top 10 schools in the country in terms of student-athlete graduation

ANNAPOLIS, Md. –The United States Naval Academy is once again one of the top 10 schools in the country when it comes to graduating NCAA physical education students. The Navy’s 95 percent graduation success rate ranks 9th in the country among schools that sponsor FBS football and is the best among service academies.

“Our student-athletes continually strive to set the standard on the playing fields, in the classroom and at Bancroft Hall,” said Chet Gladchuk, Naval Academy director of athletics. “The support and encouragement they receive from the Commander and his staff, the Academic Dean and all of our outstanding professors and instructors is exceptional and tremendously motivating to succeed morally, mentally and physically. Our midshipmen clearly define the true meaning of student-athlete.”

Top Graduation Success Rates (All Physical Education/FBS Schools Only)

1st Duke: 98 percent

Northwest: 98 percent

3. Notre Dame: 97 percent

Vanderbilt: 97 percent

5. Wachwald: 96 percent

Boston College: 96 percent

Michigan: 96 percent

Stanford: 96 percent

9th Navy: 95 percent

Clemson: 95 percent

Rice: 95 percent

Virginia: 95 percent

Cincinnati: 95 percent

Miami (Ohio): 95 percent

Nebraska: 95 percent

State of Iowa: 95 percent

Temple: 95 percent

18. UAB: 94 percent

Baylor: 94 percent

Florida: 94 percent

Illinois: 94 percent

Middle Tennessee: 94 percent

Minnesota: 94 percent

University of Ohio: 94 percent

South Carolina: 94 percent

Tulane: 94 percent

27. Alabama: 93 percent

Maroon: 93 percent

State of Boise: 93 percent

UConn: 93 percent

State of Kansas: 93 percent

Memphis: 93 percent

Miami (Florida): 93 percent

USC: 93 percent

Syracuse: 93 percent

Tennessee: 93 percent

Utah: 93 percent

38. State of Arizona: 92 percent

Kentucky: 92 percent

LSU: 92 percent

Louisville: 92 percent

Marshall: 92 percent

State of Michigan: 92 percent

State of North Carolina: 92 percent

Pennsylvania: 92 percent

Pitt: 92 percent

Rutgers: 92 percent

Toledo: 92 percent