John Calipari after Great Britain’s 106-63 win over South Carolina

They are, but there are people like Adou who don’t do that, so when there’s a lot of breakdowns, we do it, someone gets the basket, the other team scores. And it could be two or three guys, you all get two or three points. In the end, without knowing it, he lost a lot of points today in Adou’s time.

Well, I told him if we’re playing a ranked team and I put you in and you’re in and there are two baskets, you probably won’t play the rest of the game. In games like this you have to talk. But he’s a young freshman. Chris Livingston, exactly the same. you are young

Now they try, but it takes time. It takes experience. I was happy with Chris today. Drive the ball, take his shot. He started out a little shaky, like he was up in Michigan. He was shaky. But we need his hardness. I challenge both Jacob and Daimion, we need offensive rebounds. If you don’t get them, go with one hand, I’ll take you out and I’ll play Daimion, I don’t care about the other stuff. Rebound the ball. Jacob had nine rebounds today. I look at Daimion, you better get blocks. If you don’t get blocks, I won’t play against you. I play Chris at the fur. I hold them accountable – wait a minute – for things they can do. I don’t ask them to do things that are outside the realm of what they are. Tell Antonio shoot hoops. it is what you do I don’t care how you rate them. scoring baskets.

And I told them both. So one game, CJ’s got it going, he’ll play more than you. Next game you’ll go crazy, you’ll play more than him. If you’re a good teammate, that’s fine. I gave him three things today: you want to be a great teammate, you are humble, you have humility. Here’s what that means. I can be part of the problem. A guy said after this game: show me the tape with my mistakes and my glitches; i want to see one

Why didn’t I have a whole team? Did you look like someone else? Humility. Take responsibility and be a part of what went wrong. Take the responsibility and say it’s on me. I’m trying to teach them that and what I’m saying, I think what they’re doing is they look at it and say you’re right, aren’t you?

Second, you are ready, you must be hungry. If you want to be coached, if you have an answer every time we coach you, how can you be a good teammate? What’s your work ethic? This is hunger.

And the last thing is just being smart not booking smart could be both. But to know what is important for this team and what cannot be important. Well I have to do this. Is that important for the team? no But I have to do this. no What do you have to do for this team, what is important? That’s smart.

And so I told them, this is – we have to be great teammates and then we can be a great team. We have pieces. But if you’re not great teammates, you won’t be a great team. Does not happen. I’ve been doing this for a long time. We teach kind hearts. You know what we do. We teach servant leadership. Yes, that’s part of being a great teammate, that mentality. You know, Sahvir, ten assists today. I mean, we pass the ball to each other. So it was a good win and we’ve got this one, we’ve got the next one and we’ve got another one on Wednesday. And then I think we’re going to London, when? The following week? Michigan only won by 40 last night.