Clemson-South Carolina rivalry ‘beats both ways’

For fans, the Clemson-South Carolina game means one word: hate. This hate comes from a variety of different places. But for a player who is now the Tigers’ coordinator and has witnessed this rivalry firsthand, the game has an even deeper meaning.

“Man, it’s an amazing experience. I mean, it’s amazing in a lot of ways,” said Clemson offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter. “You talk about it all year, you get to brag for a whole year, and it’s just always a competitive game. It’s always emotional, personal, all together. You’re trying to contain your emotions as much as possible.” But it gets emotional just because of how electrifying the game is and how it’s set up. Two really good programs that compete against each other every year. It’s a really, really fun rivalry. I know there is so much history behind it. One of the longest in the country and I know it was interrupted during the COVID period in 2020 but it’s fun. It’s just a lot of fun and you can gather around your teammates and it’s kind of… Those opposing games, that’s why you play college football and that’s why you train at the college level. I mean it’s an amazing experience.