Brack: Why the state democrats were ashamed of the elections

The utter disgrace that South Carolina’s Democrats got in the 2022 midterm election is just plain embarrassing.

Unfortunately, they can’t blame it on a twisted reshuffle of the SC House of Representatives by House Republicans. While the Democrats lost seven seats there to give the GOP a dominating 88-36 lead, they also lost two statewide races by a wide margin.

“The governor’s race was a 17.5-point blowout, but that [state] Superintendent of Education Race, which should have been close, was a 13-point blowout,” said Winthrop University pollster Scott Huffmon. “There are national races without a Democratic candidate. This demonstrates a lack of depth in the candidate bank and the consequent lack of successful recruitment of candidates.”

Precisely. What’s worse is the party’s poor coordinated effort and subpar work by individual candidates to win out the grassroots vote. A major reason for this was the lack of resources. The state-run Democratic Party apparently didn’t have much national money to spend on the election because it’s still suffering from the aftermath of the 2020 loss of Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison, who spent $130 million to oppose Losing GOP US Senator Lindsey Graham. Why, national funders ask, spend money in ruby-red South Carolina when that much money can’t defeat a polarizing figure like Graham?

Kendra Stwart, a professor of political science at the College of Charleston, pointed to two more problems for state Democrats in 2022.