The first responder community is reeling after the tragic death of the local paramedic’s daughter –

The paramedic and first responder community is mourning after learning of the news that one of their own colleagues responded to a horrific car accident involving their daughter.

On November 15, emergency responders rushed to a two-vehicle collision at Big Hill Springs Road and 24 Range Road. A young woman who was a passenger in one of the vehicles was flown to a hospital by STARS air ambulance in life-threatening condition. Her mother, Jayme Erickson, an Airdrie paramedic, announced in a public social media post on Nov. 20 that it was her 17-year-old daughter, Montana.

“My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true. At 4:30pm on November 15th, my partner and I were dispatched to an MVC west of Airdrie. On arrival we found two patients with injuries, the passenger was trapped and seriously injured. I sat in the car tending to the seriously injured patient and did what I could while the fire extricated her. The STARS air ambulance took over patient care as soon as we got the patient out and flew her to the FMC. My shift was over and I went home.

Erickson wrote that minutes after she arrived home, the RCMP was at her door to tell her that she had just attended to her daughter.

“The badly injured patient I had just tended to was my own flesh and blood. my only child My mini me. My daughter Montana. Her injuries were so terrible that I didn’t even recognize them. I was taken to the FMC [Foothills Medical Centre] to see my little girl and was informed that her injuries were incompatible with life,” Erickson wrote. “Today we officially said goodbye to my little girl. I can’t help but be angry for the short time I had with her. 17 years wasn’t long enough.”

Erickson continued the heartbreaking post by adding that while she’s grateful for the 17 years she’s spent with her daughter, she’s remained heartbroken.

“I’ll never see you graduate and walk the stage, I’ll never see you get married, I’ll never know who you would have been. I love you more than anything in this world (yes, including the goats, my girl!). I will cherish the memories we made and the time we had together. I’m shattered i am broken I’m missing a piece of myself.

The investigation into the collision is ongoing.

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