Nailed It’s first DIY studio west of the Mississippi

There’s a new place on the south side of Butte where you can pull up a barstool, sit at the bar and have a beer with friends like you can at any other place in Butte.

Only here there are art dealers, no bartenders, the banter and laughter mingles with the hum and whirr of hand drills and sanders, and most people who walk in leave with wooden home decor or something else they’ve made.

Nailed It DIY Studio celebrates grand opening in Butte

Nailed It DIY Studio owner Kelli Fivey and her team, from left, Brenda Johnson, Grace Gransbery, Courtney Cashell, Nevaeh Waldman and Kesley Fivey in the new store during the grand opening November 16 in Butte.

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

In this DIY studio from Nailed It, the first such franchise west of the Mississippi, most projects involve wall art first—various designs and signs that can say just about anything, with personal touches if you like. But the DYI (do it yourself) menu could grow.

“They have special builds where you can make a planter or a recipe holder or cornhole boards,” said Kelli Fivey, who opened her studio at 83 Sportsman Way. “We’re starting slowly, so you’ll see a lot more of the basic projects here at the beginning, rather than progressing to the more complicated ones. But we will make it.”

Fivey has been a prosecutor at Butte-Silver Bow for 15 years and that doesn’t change, but given her nature, she was looking for something more.

“I’ve always been a super smart person,” Fivey said. “I’ve always loved being creative and I can’t stand to sit still, so I started researching different franchises. I didn’t really know what I wanted.”

Business owner Kelli Fivey opens Nailed It franchise in Butte. The shop offers an open studio with ready-made slogans or images and a variety of colors for projects. According to Fivey, the space is great for group activities for families, friends, and offices.

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

She came across Nailed It DYI Studio, which started in 2014 as a concept by Misty Grant and Shannon Evans in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They summarized it in a 2019 story in Voyage ATL, an online magazine in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

“We’re a DIY studio where customers come to create custom projects without the hassle of sourcing all the materials themselves,” they said. “Imagine stepping onto a real live Pinterest board with every DIY wall decor you’ve ever pinned right at your fingertips, only you can choose the style and colors you love and do it with yours create with your own hands.”

There are now more than 30 Nailed It DIY studios – 11 in the Carolinas and others in states like Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kentucky and Wisconsin. And now there’s one in Butte, Montana.

“There are various crafting franchises out there and this is my favorite,” said Fivey. “I really liked their projects. I liked the way their studios looked.

Nailed It DIY Studio celebrates grand opening in Butte

Nailed It DIY Studio will open in Butte on November 16th. This is the first store to open in Montana for the popular craft franchise, and owner Kelli Fivey says the store is a fun way for families, friends and local businesses to connect while making crafts.

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

“What really drew me to this product was that I would end up getting more control over it than others, especially with the pricing options,” she said. “I wanted to make it affordable for everyone. Even if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you can still come in and do an affordable project.”

His website – – has all sorts of information about the studio, including its hours of operation, private and group bookings, youth parties and other offerings.

You’ll also find hundreds of projects to choose from, including those themed to Weddings, The Seasons, Infants & Kids, Dogs & Cats, Good Old USA, and Sports. There are also projects dedicated to Montana and Butte.

“Someone jumps online because they know they want to get in,” Fivey said. “They browse the projects. They choose a project and reserve their place at the craft bar. What I do in the background is I take that order, cut the template, cut the wood and set up your stations.”

When you arrive, the materials are ready at your seat and you get to work: staining, nailing, stapling, painting. All materials and tools are provided, including hair dryers for quick drying of paint and stains, and there are “art tenders” to help you along.

They know their stuff, says Fivey.

Nailed It DIY Studio celebrates grand opening in Butte

Customers are greeted with a choice to bring their crafting visions to life as they enter Nailed It DIY Studio in Butte.

Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard

“You literally have to know how to run the project from start to finish,” she said.

You can order a beer or wine or soda or even an energy drink (kids especially love these, Fivey says) and there are chips and salsa, peanuts, candy and other snacks.

Fivey visited a Nailed It studio in the East as part of her own franchise training and loved the atmosphere. It’s been set here since they had a soft opening a few weeks ago.”

“We had a group of four ladies that I’ve known for a long time,” Fivey said. “All the time they were laughing, they were remembering, they were talking. I put them all together, which I think is important – that you sit with your friends. It was so funny.”

The studio celebrated a “grand opening” last Wednesday night and more than 50 people packed the place.

Fivey and her husband Bob Fivey own the building on Sportsman Way, a few blocks behind Walmart. It’s part of their business, Elkhorn Electrical.

Bob literally turned a large part of the building into a studio. The oak U-shaped craft bar is solid, the lighting is bright with softer hanging accents, and the place is littered with the types of decorations you can craft and walk out with.

Not only are children welcome, you can reserve times and projects just for them. Guys are welcome too, of course, and there’s a large hanging TV in the corner next to the real bar as an added incentive. Bob added that.

“I think the point was for football games, so the gentlemen who get drugs in here, if they don’t want to sit at the craft bar, can definitely sit and watch a game and they’ll just make their ladies happy for coming with them ‘ Fivey said, laughing.