Helena Capital beats Bozeman for first title since 2011, 35-14

9:22 p.m

Helena Capital 35, Bozeman 14 – Final

The Helena Capital Bruins can wrap up victory to maintain their unbeaten season and the team’s 12th state title. The league title is the first since 2011, when Bruins head coach Kyle Mihelish was an assistant coach. The Bozeman Hawks finish their season as runners-up in the Class AA with a 9-3 aggregate record after notching up nine straight wins after starting the year 2-0 in nonconference play.

9:15 p.m

Helena Capital 35, Bozeman 14 – 4Q

Tyler Kovick almost certainly seals the deal as Helena Capital Bruin is able to snag a Jake Casagranda pass and take it into Bozeman territory. There are just over two minutes left in the game. Capital just moments away from her 12th state title.

9:10 p.m

Helena Capital 35, Bozeman 14 – 4Q

After a long scoring drought in that game, the Bruins opened the floodgates near the end of the ballgame when Hudson Grovom found Tyler Kovick on downs in their own territory after a 26-yard passing touchdown following a Bozeman turnover.

9:05 p.m

Helena Capital 28, Bozeman 14 – 4Q

After the stop, the Bruins passed the ball to Hayden Opitz, who put it in the end zone for his second rushing touchdown of the night. The Bruins lead by two points in the final quarter of Class AA football for the 2022 season with just over four minutes to go.

9:01 p.m

Helena Capital 21, Bozeman 14 – 4Q

Helena Capital’s Talon Marsh comes up with a huge sack to force a 4th and 30th in Bozeman Territory. On the next punt, the Hawks can’t put the punt down cleanly and the Bruins will get the ball to Bozeman’s 22-yard line.

8:38 p.m

Helena Capital 21, Bozeman 14 – E3

The Bruins and the Hawks were unable to make anything of their first holdings, which lasted for most of the third quarter. The Bruins have the ball in their third-place territory when play resumes in the fourth quarter.

8:01 p.m

Helena Capital 21, Bozeman 14 – E2

Bend but don’t break seems to be the Bozeman Hawks’ motto on Friday night. In fourth and tenth place late in the first half from Helena Capital’s 16-yard line, Jake Casagranda beats Rocky Lencioni to cut the Bruins’ lead to just a point, 21-14.

7:46 p.m

Helena Capital 21, Bozeman 7 – 2Q

When the Bozeman Hawks threatened late in the first half, the Helena Capital Bruins were able to force a fumble near their own goal line to maintain their two-point lead. The Bruins receive the ball to start the second half.

7:31 p.m

Helena Capital 21, Bozeman 7 – 2Q

Tom Carter makes a handoff 83 yards home as Capital continues to roll tonight.

7:28 p.m

Helena Capital 14, Bozeman 7 – E1

Bozeman senior quarterback Jake Casagranda hits Luke Smith with a short pass down the middle to put the Hawks on the board for the first time tonight

7:20 p.m

Helena Capital 14, Bozeman 0 – 1Q

The Bruins start the night with a tear as the Capital defense forces two punts and Dylan Graham gets into the end zone on a short carry to make the 14-0.

7:11 p.m

Helena Capital 7, Bozeman 0 – 1Q

The Bruins took the ball more than 60 yards on their first drive en route to scoring the team’s first goal of the night on a Hayden Opitz charge from the Wildcat formation.

HELENA – In the biggest Class AA football game of the season, the Helena Capital Bruins (11-0) and the Bozeman Hawks (9-2) will meet on the sacred grounds of Vigilante Stadium to determine the best Class AA team.

Kick-off at the Vigilante Stadium is scheduled for 7 p.m., temperatures are expected to start at around 6 degrees and drop further as the game progresses.

This article will be continuously updated throughout the game.

The Bruins come into play carried by seniors Tom Carter, 103 yards per game averaging 22 touchdowns, and Hayden Opitz, 12 total touchdowns while averaging 52 yards and 7.5 tackles per game.

The Bozeman Hawks have a pair of seniors who will make a splash Friday night between Jake Casagranda, 229 yards and 2.8 touchdowns per pass, and Luke Smith, 11 touchdowns and 19 tackles for losses a year.

The Bruins and Hawks met in Bozeman in the opening week of the season, with the Bruins earning their first win of their unbeaten season, 28-21.

MTN’s Kennedy Broadwell met with Opitz and Carter and head coach Kyle Mihelish earlier in the week as the Bruins seek to win their first Class AA title and Mihelish’s first as head coach since 2011.

MTN’s Dylan Foreman caught up with the Hawks’ Smith, Quaid Ash and head coach Levi Wesche as Bozeman looked for his second title in four years.

MTN’s Luke Shelton, Broadwell and Foreman are at the game and will be providing highlights and recaps on your local MTN station and on Montana Sports tonight at 10pm.