This is how the Iowa Hawkeyes can win the Big Ten West

It’s been quite a turning point for the 2022 Iowa Hawkeye football program lately. On Saturday, the team battled hard against a good Minnesota team, eventually claiming the 13-10 win.

This Saturday, the team will look to extend its season even further as a win crowns the Hawkeyes as champions of the Big Ten West.

The team is currently holding the tiebreak against the Purdue Boilermakers, who defeated the Hawkeyes 24-3 on Nov. 5.

That’s the only scenario Hawkeye fans are braced for Saturday when Iowa hosts Nebraska. If the Hawkeyes win, they go up against the winner of the states of Michigan and Ohio in Indianapolis.

If they lose, either Purdue or Illinois has the door open to take the crown, but the Hawkeyes could also lose a week before Saturday and still represent the West if both other programs lost their games. Clear as mud, right?

If Illinois stumbles against Northwestern and Purdue concedes against Indiana, then Iowa becomes the best team in tiebreaker scenarios even if they lose to Nebraska. Iowa comes out on top from a three-team tiebreak with the Hawkeyes, Purdue and the winner of the Wisconsin-Minnesota game.

Iowa has won four straight contests to reach its current mark of 7-4. Things were looking pretty grim not long ago when the program was 3-4, coming out after a 54-10 home loss to Ohio State.

Now Kirk Ferentz has his Hawkeyes ready for another appearance in the Big Ten title game, with only the Nebraska Cornhuskers standing in the way this Saturday in Iowa City.


The ten most disappointing sports seasons in Minnesota

The 2021 Minnesota Twins started the season with high expectations, but unfortunately they made the list of the most disappointing Minnesota teams of all time.

Disappointment has been a common emotion for Minnesota sports fans over the years. After Milwaukee won the NBA championship, SportsCenter was quick to point out that Minnesota currently has the longest streak of non-championship seasons in the big four sports (MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL). The Minnesota Lynx also weighed in on the stats after winning four championships since 2011.

The ten teams on this list all follow a similar pattern. The year prior was either a great season with a playoff run or one with a strong core of players who seemed to have taken the next step. Expectations for the off-season/pre-season were high, with even Las Vegas bookmakers believing in a deep run. Unfortunately, those preseason expectations fell short for the teams that followed. None of the teams listed below made the playoffs.