Mickey Joseph says Nebraska’s loss ‘hurts’

Tom Shatel, Sam McKewon and Dirk Chatelain discuss the “incredible feat” Trev Alberts has accomplished in keeping Nebraska’s coaching call so quiet.

LINCOLN — Emotions ran high at the post-game press conference following another Nebraska loss to Wisconsin.

While all losses evoke feelings, this one had a little extra sting. It was the ninth NU straight after Wisconsin, a decade ago. It came on Seniors Day. The Huskers led until the last 35 seconds of the game.

Tight end Travis Vokolek said all losses converge. His red eyes suggested otherwise.

“There are a lot of emotions,” Vokolek said. “There were a lot of highs throughout the game, but we didn’t win in the end.”

Vokolek added that it “crappy” because it wasn’t an ideal way for the seniors to go out in their last game at Memorial and that the loss left a bad taste in their mouths for next week’s matchup against Iowa. While the team was confident of winning today, Vokolek said they just weren’t able to execute it.

Despite the emotions in the dressing room, Vokolek said the team will carry on and learn from it. Next week they will keep fighting and aim for a win against the Hawkeyes.

Caretaker coach Mickey Joseph was also emotional at not giving the seniors a win.

“This hurts,” he said.

If we talk specifically about the seniors. Joseph said they were a great group of players and while they didn’t get the number of wins they wanted, they remained positive.

“You wish for a team like that,” said Joseph. “I take my hat off to them, we will miss them.”

Strong finish against Iowa, the only NU goal left

You are Iowa. Garrett Nelson believes he need say no more to prepare Nebraska for a season finale that continues to matter.

The Huskers may end a couple of haunted shows before the end of the year. Nine straight losses to Big Ten West teams. Seven straight to the Hawkeyes, who have their own aspirations to victory in the West.

“We obviously have a chip on our shoulder with these guys,” said Nelson, a junior edge rusher. “So we’re staying together for a week last week and cherishing those months with the seniors and playing as hard as we can for one last game against Iowa.”

Defensive lineman Ty Robinson said if there’s one thing NU has done well, it’s holding together through a barrage of belly punches. It must do this through another round of meetings and exercises.

“Just keep going,” Robinson said. “We’re not out of this fight. We have one game left in the season. We have to end the season.”