Iowa Bowhunter Fooled Ultimate 8 1/2 Year Old Monster

Kasey Morgan hunts large Iowa Whitetails. That season he took a huge 8½ year old, 187 inch deer. That’s rare almost everywhere — even in Iowa. He started seeing the deer in 2018 and the story has continued ever since. That is, until October 7, 2022.

The day brought sunny skies and mounting pressure. He hunted in an area of ​​steep ditches and wooded timber with cultivable farmland fields above and wooded hollows below. His goal was a box at the edge of a feeding station. Morgan’s going after that big deer over there.


He’d seen the buck the day before and almost gotten a shot, but swirling winds and an open window made the stag smell something he didn’t like. This time Morgan kept all the windows closed until the shooting.

Soon after settling in, the chicks began feeding in the field. Then younger bucks got moving. After that, the big buck went outside and fed the soybeans for a while. Finally, the deer offered a shooting opportunity.

When the buck stood broadside 33 yards away, Morgan backed away, locked his needle and released the arrow. It hit the buck deeper than he had hoped. The buck took off and ran out of sight. Based on the placement of the shot, he believed the arrow hit below the heart.

Concerned that the deer might be out of sight, Morgan belly crawled into the field and retrieved the arrow. Then he went home and looked at the footage to see where the shot was. Because it was tight, they waited until the next morning to look for the deer.


The track started out with good blood, but it waned. It was a slow tracking job. They found where the buck was bedded 150 yards away, then searched another 300 yards or so. If they had searched the night before they would surely have bumped into the deer. Waiting was the right call. Finally, after walking about 370 meters, they found the deer deep in a ravine.

In retrospect, Morgan attributes this buck to chasing weather fronts, planting food fields, focusing on transferring food sources from greens to crops, and using good access trails. And with his friend and 10X TV co-host Greg Glesinger present at the hunt, it was an incredible experience.


“The story is what I take away the most,” Morgan said. “It is rare for a deer to reach this age. If you picture yourself for that long, you almost develop a relationship. The fact that he was wearing his best rack ever at 8 years old is unbelievable. To be able to follow him over the years and get a chance is really remarkable.”