Everything Minnesota coach PJ Fleck had to say after the Iowa loss

Here are videos and quotes of what Minnesota football coach PJ Fleck had to say after losing to Iowa.

Opening speech by head coach PJ spot

Credit to Iowa, they found a way to win. Really good soccer team, really good soccer rivalry. A really tough soccer game. Brave game by both teams. Somebody had to win. Someone had to lose. We had our chances. We actually had a lot of chances, we just didn’t take those chances. This locker room is full of winners. Unfortunately, as I said before, winners lose. And that’s all they did tonight.

We lost, but I told them I didn’t want anyone to hang their heads and sulk. Because you never lose the game, I haven’t seen that since I’ve been a coach. We had our chances, didn’t take them, Iowa did. And it was one of those games. It was a rivalry game, very close, could have gone either way. But we had our chances. It would add up to three or four games, and it did.

And we’re going to talk about them for sure, those three or four plays, but I couldn’t be prouder of our seniors, couldn’t be prouder of their courage, their heart, their struggle, their invincible will. That’s how you play. Now there are some things in there that are not acceptable but how we played as a team. These are two teams that have very common identities in terms of their physicality and playing football, football that matters, in November and what it looks like.

And it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t go 1-0 in the Iowa season. I have to give a lot of praise, really good football team, very well trained. And at the end of the day, they found a way to make one more play than us.

Q: PJ, can you describe the emotions that were so close?

Yes, disappointed, not discouraged. That’s how I would sum it up. You know, I was told a long time ago. You just got caught, almost fired.

Q: Do you think this could have been an interception glitch?

That’s for people, wherever they’re from and wherever they zoom things in, I don’t know, I don’t answer a lot of official questions, you know that. I mean it is what it is.

how did you see it

I saw it as quite a bang bang game. I mean I looked at the back. So I didn’t get a chance to see it until it was already in the air because I was looking at the back because with that one look up, the ball goes backwards. And we need to get to the bottom of why she was thrown forward. But that’s where my eyes went.

Q: How much do you think the early mistakes and missed field goal affected things?

That’s all part of it, right. I mean missed a field goal in the first half. We fumble, they drive and score; Throw an interception, drive it and score a goal. If you do that against Iowa, you’re not going to win. So let’s say nobody hits you. But if you do it over and over again, these plays will beat you. But that doesn’t change how important these players are to our football team. And we wouldn’t even have been in the game if it weren’t for these players. And if we had played better earlier, I think, on both sides of the ball, maybe it doesn’t matter.

Q: What would you say about Mohamed’s play today?

I thought he played absolutely phenomenal. A move will never define how it plays in a game. I mean, without Mohamed Ibrahim we would be nowhere near a program like we are now. So, a game that happens. It’s unfortunate that it’s happening. I know he’s disappointed. Nobody is more disappointed with this piece than he is. You know, that’s the hard part of leadership.

That’s the hard part about being a star player. But Michael Jordan always said I miss a lot more shots and I make. It’s sport, it’s unfortunate it happened where it happened. I would give it to him again and again. No doubt in my mind.

Q: What are your thoughts on the execution of the O-line in ground play?

I thought they played great. I thought we won the trenches. I don’t think it was even close. I mean, we dominated the trenches. Again, go through everything on that stat sheet, 312 yards in rapid motion. If you just showed me that, and you showed me the stats, and then you showed me all the other stuff. We wanted to win the game and we did everything but win the game.

But if you miss a field goal, you’ll be back 0-10 in Iowa very early. Give up two explosive plays in the first half. You fumble when you go in, throw an interception when you go in. Iowa will not be beaten. Remember, we always talk about Iowa not beating itself. Here we go. They force you to hit yourself. We happen to be another victim today.

Q: What were some of the issues with defending the tight end in Iowa?

Well I think there are two plays, I think the tight end of the early screen hurt us and again that’s really good game design. It’s a special piece that they put in, took our eyes to the wrong place and really didn’t fit, that’s still part of the gap, right, but we didn’t fit in the gap, kind of took the cheese.

And later, later, the eyes were in the wrong place and they hit us down the seam, right in the middle of the field. That being said I think there is some room for some of the other tight end catches but those are natural spaces. I don’t think that was anything to worry about, but the two explosive tracks. I mean, you’d like that back.

Q: PJ Fleck on the game’s slow launch (Editor’s note: the exact question was not well received in our recording)

Well, it’s called either a slow defensive start or a slow offensive start. If we have a combination of slow start on offense and slow start on defense, I don’t care who you are in the country, that’s not a good recipe. All in all it’s 10-10 in the fourth quarter, we go in with third possession of the (second half), we go in twice.

The great thing about this question is that we were all able to overcome it. This is soccer. You will judge on the basis of perfection and then you will know how to chisel away from it. You know, the expectation of all of us is the expectation out there. Then chisel away why we didn’t get there. And there’s, I just told you why we didn’t make it, right. But again, I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts. I’m so proud of her. We just didn’t do enough.

Q: What did you see of Martes Lewis coming into play after Ersery’s injury?

Yes, I’ve seen the future. It’s good to get Martes in there. Martes worked really hard. He worked really hard in every area of ​​his life, and he went right into the game and did what he did, and then Aireontae came back and pulled him out again, but he was ready to go. There was no hesitation in his body language or his mind. He was ready.

PJ what more do you need to see from Athan, I know it was a disappointing third start but what else does he need to do to be a guy that can be counted on in a situation like this to potentially get you guys win this game?

Well, jokingly, you design all your people on you know whatever and you tell me what you think we’re going to talk about on the show. maybe you can tell me that kidding, of course. But you know, I thought Athan played really well tonight. I thought he played really well. And this kid is a newbie. Let’s not forget that.

But Greg Schiano taught me a long time ago. Either it’s good enough or it’s not. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Are you good enough to play and win in the Big Ten, aren’t you? And he is. Did he make a crucial mistake tonight? Yes he has. It’s not his fault we lost. It’s not Mohamed’s fault that we lost. We lose as a team. It’s not Trickett’s fault we lost. It’s not Nubin’s or Howden’s fault we lost. It is not. We lose and win as a team. These moves show why you end up not winning if you touch the stove too often.

But if you look back at Athan’s performance tonight, you know, I just look at it in terms of… he was 7 out of 15, then the election, that was disastrous. But I thought he did well. I figured he would pull it when he had to pull it. He got us out of some really difficult situations, he was very accurate in the first half. I mean, I thought he played well.

Now he’s only going to get better. But as it is, he only gets better with every game and every snap he gets. It’s like fertilizer now. All we do is you pour manure over him because he gets better and better and better and better every day. I mean, a running back with 265 yards helps. That helps every quarterback. And I thought Mo’s performance was outstanding.

(Editor’s note – there was a question about the decision to kick a field goal late in Q2, but there was a lot of confusion as to which decision was being discussed, and the conversation ended up turning to an entirely different game. Because dem How confusing was the conversation that question and answer were left out).